Terms & Care

We hand-block and hand-trim all our hats in the little workroom in the back of our store. Materials are often rare or vintage. Ready to wear inventory is available for purchase, although many people prefer a bit of customization for their perfect hat. You are, in effect, getting a custom-made hat at ready-to-wear prices. So keep in mind:

Measure your size in inches with a soft tape measure placed loosely around your head about an inch above your eyebrows. Round upward to the nearest 1/8". The chart below is for guidance only; women's and men's sizes don't correlate exactly. 

Small: 21" to 21-7/8" (men's 6-5/8 to 6-7/8) 
Medium: 22" to 22-1/2" (men's 7 to 7-1/8) 
Large: 22-5/8" to 23-3/8" (men's 7-1/8 to 7-3/8) 
XL: 23-1/2" to 24-1/2" (men's 7-3/8 to 7-5/8) 

Most styles can be shipped within 3 weeks, but this may vary depending seasonal demands. If you have a deadline or need a rush, tell us and we'll advise if we can accommodate you.

We do not give refunds, but we do stand behind our quality and craftsmanship. If you are dissatisfied with some aspect of your hat, please let us know within 14 days of receipt. We'll tell you how to return it for adjustment at our expense.

Custom orders -- by appointment: 
We can custom-design your hat if you:
-- Like a style that's not listed in your size or color
-- Need a knockout hat for a wedding or any special occasion
-- Have an image in your mind, a picture, or a vintage hat you'd like to reproduce
-- Have always thought “you aren’t a hat person"
-- Have a headsize that is too large or small to ever get a hat that fits properly
-- Want a one-of-a-kind hat
-- Need a couture look to complement a particular outfit

Send us a photo, email or call; we'll create the hat of your dreams! Cost for a custom hat will be 10-50% above the prices listed for our regular styles, depending on materials, complexity and time frame. Please contact us for an appointment in advance if you'd like to place a custom order in person. This is ideal if at all possible

Bridal consultations are done by appointment only.

Caring for your Julia Pagán Hat

Caring for Felt Hats
Your felt hat is not an umbrella! Felt is water resistant and can take a bit of rain, especially the beaver and suede-finish felts. However, if your hat gets really soaked, it will lose its shape.
When it does get wet, make sure it dries in a position where it will not be distorted.
If it does dry a little bent out of shape, use steam from your kettle to make it flexible and ease it back to its original shape with your fingers
If your hat gets a stain, first try sanding the area with a very fine sandpaper; for stubborn stains apply steam and use a straight pin or a soft brush to break up the stain.
If you are unable to fix the problem, bring the hat to the store and we will try to fix it for you. If the hat needs to be re-blocked, there is a $50 re-blocking fee.
Caring for Straw Hats
Straw hats really don't like the rain, so if a shower begins and you don't have an umbrella — run!
If it gets a little damp, again, just make sure it is not distorted when it dries. Just as with felt, a little steam will do a lot to bring the straw back to shape.
If you are unable to fix the problem bring the hat into the store and we will try to fix it for you. If the hat needs to be re-blocked, there is a $50 re-blocking fee.
Our hats come complete with square cardboard hat boxes, which are ideal for storing your hat, although we have glossy black nesting hat boxes for sale in the boutique. For travel, a travel case is a great idea. Most of our hats are not pack-able, however, if that is what you are looking for, we will accommodate your needs to the best of our ability. If you don't want the extra baggage your head is a great place to transport your hat!
Packing in your suitcase is not advised, unless you are specifically purchasing a pack-able hat.

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